You are looking for hotel Rossosh? Then you here, soft bed, great food and low prices will pleasantly surprise you!

Hotel Bylina created for you, having hidden from a noisy city, have plunged into the atmosphere of a city Rossosh who silently looking at you with pictures. For your holiday presents seven rooms, including: 3-Single, 2-Double, 2 suites. All rooms have air conditioning, so in the heat of summer you will feel comfortable, and in the winter it's warm and carefree. The hotel is located in the center of the street gorodaRossosh Belinsky.

st. Belinsky - is located near the busiest streets Rossosh, crowded with people and cars, saloons and shops, where the past merges with the present and shape the future. It was here, in this hectic, there is a place where it is always quiet and comfortable, where you are always welcome and look forward - our hotel!

The friendly staff will help you to choose any number, which you will appreciate the spacious rooms, quiet, cozy and comfortable.

We register foreign citizens: Foreign nationals who have entered the territory of the Russian Federation (Rossosh) on a tourist visa for 24 hours are put in the Migration Service at the front of the hotel accommodation. To register, you must submit an employee placement service hotel passport, tourist visa and migration card issued to border control. Confirmation of registration of a foreign citizen is detachable part of the arrival notification form with the service mark of the local branch of migration control, which is provided to a foreign citizen within 24 hours after check-in Bylina and which must be returned to service placement upon check-out.

Taking into account the wishes of the guests in the room bring breakfast, which can be ordered in advance. This can be yoghurts and cereals, tea or coffee, sweet rolls. For lunch and dinner in the restaurant, located inside the building.


In addition, you can order a taxi, book tickets, get advice on any issue, get wireless Internet access through technology Wi-Fi.

We think you will make the right choice - the hotel "Bylina"!